Image of a digital illustration of a rectangular mandala. Four tigers surround a pestle and mortar with star anise, mint, saffron, thai chilis, ginger, and green onions in the center. Around the tigers are lotus flowers and chrysanthemum flowers. Text at the top reads: Our Community. Text at the bottom reads: Is Our Remedy. Subtext reads: We hold sacred collective power. 18MR's logo in purple is under the mandala.
Photo montage of floral print, red envelopes with cats on them, a table full of dim sum steamers, and a cut out image of Brenda Chi with fading teal hair, red lipstick, and a yellow dress. Main text reads: Did You Eat Yet? There is a cat peeking out of the D in Did. Subtext reads: With 18MR’s Communications Designer, Brenda Chi! She/Her.