18 Million Rising (18MR) connects the power of Asian America to digital organizing. We mobilize our communities through grassroots campaigns, culture shifting work, and education. Our commitment is to dismantle systems of oppression, fight white supremacy, and work towards a liberated future for Asian Americans and all people.

18MR organizes online and offline using digital platforms and tools to empower people and build movements that shift the current political moment. We see the internet as a place to gather, a place to build community, and a place to organize on a mass scale.

How We Build

18MR’s unique contribution is our expertise in designing and leading impactful campaigns with creative online engagement and digital organizing.

As a national organization, we collaborate with grassroots partners deeply connected to their local communities and the issues that impact them.

We work with partners to:

  • shift narratives through cultural and media organizing
  • offer skills-building trainings and workshops
  • design dynamic digital campaigns
  • facilitate spaces for people to gather online and in-person
  • provide technical resources and strategies to organizers

We do this to build Asian American community power, reimagine Asian American identity, and grow collective movements for liberation.