Image of a digital illustration of a rectangular mandala. Four tigers surround a pestle and mortar with star anise, mint, saffron, thai chilis, ginger, and green onions in the center. Around the tigers are lotus flowers and chrysanthemum flowers. Text at the top reads: Our Community. Text at the bottom reads: Is Our Remedy. Subtext reads: We hold sacred collective power. 18MR's logo in purple is under the mandala.
Photo collage of red flowers, fruit, and the Asians for a Liberated Palestine banner. There is a grainy overlay. There are multiple Microsoft Windows style pop-up windows. The main one, in the middle, says: Hey, we’re hiring for a Field Organizer! Location: East Coast (New York or D.C.). The next pop-up says: $70,000 to $80,000. Full-time remote + 4 day work week, generous vacation and wellness stipend. Health, dental, vision, and flex benefits. The top pop-up says: Join us to build an Asian American movement for a more just world. IRL and online! There is an 8-bit icon of a megaphone.