Black and violet graphic with an illustration of APSC4 members, each person holding up a fist. The illustration is done by Havanah Tran. APSC's logo is on the left, a bird with spread wins. 18MR's logo is in the bottom right corner. There are white silhouettes of birds flying northeast. Top right corner text reads: Pardon #APSC4. Main text reads: Did you eat yet?
Dark green background with dark circles in the middle, with olive branches in the corners, and a dove holding an olive branch on the bottom right. “A discussion on the 75+ years struggle for Palestinian freedom featuring Palestinian film clips.” is at the top in white, “Asians for Palestine Teach-In” is under that in red, “Nov 29 | 3pm PT | 6pm ET is in green, under that is “”. On the bottom left says, “with speakers Maisa Morrar (The Palestinian Feminist Collective), Rand (@officialJakeGyllenhalal)”. Underneath that has the 18MR logo, Asians for Palestine logo, and Asian American Advocacy Fund logo.
Green cactus background with green text, " Queers for Palestine, Power Hour". In red, "Permanent Ceasefire Now!", in white, "BIT.LY/QUEERPOWERHOUR, Dec 5th, 12pm PT/ 3pm ET". in green below, "A gathering to call local and LGBTQIA+ electeds to demand a permanent ceasefire." Logos of Queer Crescent, Rising Majority, Lavender Phoenix, NQAPIA, Movement for Black Lives, 18MR.