A digital Lunar New Year illustration by Brenda Chi. Blue cartoon drawn twirls over green background that says "dragon" in Chinese, in yellow text. It is framed by pink ornate designs and yellow chrysanthemums, with blue-green leaves and clouds. In the top and bottom reads, "End U.S. Imperalism!" and "2024!".
Black and violet graphic with an illustration of APSC4 members, each person holding up a fist. The illustration is done by Havanah Tran. APSC's logo is on the left, a bird with spread wins. 18MR's logo is in the bottom right corner. There are white silhouettes of birds flying northeast. Top right corner text reads: Pardon #APSC4. Main text reads: Did you eat yet?
Header text reads: Double Punishment. There is a duotone group photo of mostly Southeast Asian men and Ny Nourn, Co-ED of APSC. Subtitle text reads: How California double punishes immigrant communities. Photo credit: APSC.