Photo collage of red flowers, fruit, and the Asians for a Liberated Palestine banner. There is a grainy overlay. There are multiple Microsoft Windows style pop-up windows. The main one, in the middle, says: Hey, we’re hiring for a Field Organizer! Location: East Coast (New York or D.C.). The next pop-up says: $70,000 to $80,000. Full-time remote + 4 day work week, generous vacation and wellness stipend. Health, dental, vision, and flex benefits. The top pop-up says: Join us to build an Asian American movement for a more just world. IRL and online! There is an 8-bit icon of a megaphone.
Orange background with a hand drawn tiger with white belly, over a circle of South Asian lotus flower motifs, in orange and white. Under that, a bowl full of green leaves, red, and orange herbs. At the top, a purple box that says "Our Community is our Remedy" in white. Below, a dark green box that says in white, "DID YOU EAT YET?" Bottom right is a portrait of Jen Soriano, her left arm folded to hold her face, black short hair, with medium-fair skin, in a white blouse. Below that in dark green, says in white, "Jen Soriano".