Our AAPI Vote is Critical

Asian Americans won the right to vote as American citizens in 1952 – only 66 years ago. And it’s time to put that right into action. In this moment in history, our democracy is under attack, and our votes are critical.

Asian Americans can be the decisive vote in elections – we’re 5% or more of eligible voters in battleground states. But, we have the lowest voter turnout of any racial group, and we shouldn’t be known for this. This Election Day, we want you to go out and vote, and to encourage your friends, family, and community to go out and vote with you.

We want voting to feel easy and necessary in our communities. Check out vote.18mr.org to learn why should AAPIs vote, how to get registered, and what to do on Election Day.

Active Campaigns

  • I was Arrested on the Bay Bridge

    I was arrested for demanding an end to genocide. We are part of a long lineage of people who have used civil disobedience to help bend the arc of history toward justice – from the Civil Rights Movement to the fight against apartheid in South Africa.  As a Filipino American organizer for racial justice, I’ve […]

    PARDON APSC4: Our beloved family APSC 4: Borey “Peejay” Ai, Nghiep “Ke” Lam, Chanthon Bun, and Maria Legarda are at risk of deportation. Tell Governor Newsom to pardon them NOW so they can remain home with their families and community. Here’s some things you can do!
  • Sign the Asians for Ceasefire Letter!

    Sign the Asians for ceasefire letter for H. res. 786 We invite you, members of the Asian American community and allies, to join us in signing onto this letter urging Asian American Congressmembers to endorse the Ceasefire Now Resolution. As Asian Americans, we come from homelands where our peoples have been colonized, brutalized, led movements […]

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