I was arrested for demanding an end to genocide.

A group of people lies on the street of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco with a white fabric draped over each body. Behind them are large banners that read "Stop the Genocide" and "No US Military Aid to Israel".

Last November, when President Biden was hosting cocktail parties in San Francisco, hundreds of community members protested on the Bay Bridge to call for an immediate ceasefire and end to U.S. military aid to Israel. 

Myself and 77 others were arrested for a peaceful protest.

At the time of the Bay Bridge action, 11,000 Palestinians had been killed by Israeli forces. Today, that number is over 24,000 [1]. The crisis in Gaza is more urgent than ever before.

Now, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is trying to prosecute 78 of us.

We are part of a long lineage of people who have used civil disobedience to help bend the arc of history toward justice – from the Civil Rights Movement to the fight against apartheid in South Africa. 

As a Filipino American organizer for racial justice, I’ve supported campaigns to drop charges against protesters, free our immigrant loved ones from ICE detention, and raise bail funds.

But now I need your help. 

The Bay Bridge 78 are being charged with 5 misdemeanors including false imprisonment. These are serious charges and I’m calling on you to speak out in support of us.

Tell District Attorney Jenkins: Drop the Charges!

In solidarity,

Turner, Community Engagement Manager, and the 18MR Team

Other Ways to Support #BayBridge78:

  • Call DA Jenkin’s office at: 628-652-4000 with this script.
  • Boost and share on social media!
  • Organize a phone zap, email blast, or letter writing event.

[1] The Associated Press. “Gaza death toll tops 24,000 as UN agencies call urgently for more aid.”

Why do protests like bay bridge matter?

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