Sign the Asians for ceasefire letter for H. res. 786

We invite you, members of the Asian American community and allies, to join us in signing onto this letter urging Asian American Congressmembers to endorse the Ceasefire Now Resolution.

As Asian Americans, we come from homelands where our peoples have been colonized, brutalized, led movements for liberation, and still struggle under Western imperialism. We’ve witnessed family and friends’ lives changed from the cascade of bombs forcing them to flee their homelands. To lead our communities on a more peaceful and just path forward, we call on our Asian American electeds to demand a ceasefire, the entry of humanitarian aid, and a stop to military funding to Israel.

Sign on to demand our Asian American electeds endorse this call to action in pursuit of justice, dignity, solidarity, and our shared humanity.

Read the letter here.

Here’s a Guide and API Representative Contact List! (with a script on how to call/email/fax!)

(TY to volunteer Jane S 4Palesrine 💪 for the Mandarin translation!)
If you’d like to volunteer to translate our letter, please email us at so we can update this post and share with others!

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